• Protecting the Peel Watershed

    Sprawling over 68,000 square feet, the Yukon’s Peel River watershed is one of the largest, most beautiful and intact wilderness areas in North America. It is a remote and rugged region defined by six major tributaries that connect into the Peel: the Ogilvie, Hart, Blackstone, Snake, Wind and Bonnet Plume rivers. I had the opportunity to paddle the Bonnet Plume...

  • Madagascar Update

    After two years of partnership with Hope For Madagascar, the community of Ambalona continues on the road to sustainability.
  • Aspen T.R.E.E.'s Geodesic Greenhouse

    AI teams up with Aspen T.R.E.E. and the community of the Roaring Fork Valley to help build a greenhouse designed to educate.
  • Update from Ambalona

    Alpine Initiatives co-founder, Lisa Lee Benjamin, recently made the trip over to Madagascar to check up on AI's projects in the community of Ambalona and identify opportunities for future collaborations with partner organization Hope For Madagascar (HFM).
  • Stoves for Ambalona School Lunch Program

    The efficient cook stoves for the Ambalona school lunch program in Madagascar are built and ready to be used! Here is the latest update from Fidi, AI and the HFM field technician in Madagascar. Fidi has been working with local villagers to build brick stoves in order to cook lunches for the 200 children attending primary school in the village...

  • Alison Gannett

    With three non-profits, two for profits, a 75 acre farm and a professional skiing career, Alison Gannett has a lot on her plate. Although, as a warrior for climate change, there is not much Alison sees as impossible.
  • Ambalona Perma Gardens

    A year and a half ago, AI Programs Director, Emmanuelle Vital ventured over to the village of Ambalona, Madagascar with the intention of developing a perma garden project that would create a nutritional food source and additional income for the community.
  • KACH Garden!

    WOW! look at this landscape just a few short months and it is totally transformed!

  • Dr. K's 2 acres

    Dr. Karambu had acquired these two acres last summer and we laid out a loose farm plan before I left last July which Bernard and Simon implemented. This is what it looks like only 7 months later. It provided a crop of maize and beans and has been planted with fruit trees. The kids each have a Bio intensive plot...

  • Grown in Detroit

    Grown in Detroit ....love this! an amazing initiative transforming how we live and what is possible.....let's get growing!!!


    Here are a few shots of the seed workshop by the Organic Seed Alliance at Abbondanza Farm. I will be taking over several varieties for testing in November!!!

  • Greening the Desert: another plug for permaculture!

    A very cool insight into how we can reshape arid places in order to make them sustainable. This is encouraging given the fact that the land for our next project RACH is more or less rocks and sand Growing a garden in this environment will be a new kind of challenge for us.
  • Tribute to the garden

    One of my best memories form last October was pulling rocks out of the ground to get the garden started.  It was a real therapeutic experience for me.  Every time I pulled a rock out of the ground, I would think; "One less rock in the garden!".  So simple, so tangible, so real...  ...so awesome!  That's when I realized I...

  • Farm Visit #4 Morioki's Farm

    We recently went on a visit to a local farm. We were AMAZED by what we found and excited about how we could translate our findings to KACH.
  • KACH landscape

    below is the rough sketch of the landscape as it is now and picture of the site currently... we have a "circle of love" which will be planted with guavas, we will have flame trees, ever flowering yellow trees, fruit and nuts galore! with many areas to rest and retreat to as well. On the upper terrace we will be...

  • Permaculture Demo at Ayub's

    23 farmers came yesterday to watch a impromptu demonstration of permaculture and bio intensive farming. When we arrived in the morning I was a little worried it would be just me, Ayub, JP and Mikey.... But sure enough people started coming in from every direction. We sat in the shade of the banana trees and went over basic principals. All...

  • Farm Visit #3 CHUGU

     I was cordially invited to one of Chugu's( my favorite village) weekly meetings to discuss organic farming as well as go visit some of the local shambas.  The lay of the land is hilly and lush and somehow feels cozy, a place where you could settle into. Chad and I had been in October last year with Karambu to give them...

  • Farm Visit #2

    We headed to a much drier region just east of Meru with Sally Kims a friend of Ayub's.  She has been working in agriculture with the help of Farmer's Helping Farmer's  for the last 10 years on different programs. A water tank initiative, a forestry program and most recently a crop diversification program. We went to visit one of their...

  • Green Roof in Meru!

    Last night on our school excursion to visit Karamana's son we passed a green roof!!!!!  I was hoping I would be able to create the first one in Kenya, alas a mira farmer, frustrated with being too hot to work thought it up and even a rad watering system with bottles and cans to boot!

  • Cassava Hunting

    After beginning a bio intensive and permaculture garden next door to Karamana's kitchen where it would go to good use and be a wonderful demonstration, we went on a hunt for cassava, a native food rich with a history.Karamana has a good patch and we harvested two long roots, washed them in the river and went back to her cozy...