• on tour with Simon

    It's always a delight to take a stroll around the grounds of KACH or through the community of Kithoka with our friend Simon who is the Head Gardener at KACH.
  • Big Day

    Today was a big day! Ayub brought some new plants from the nursery. I had asked for more edibles so we could not only make the upper gardens beautiful but also productive. We placed and planted for a few hours in the morning. Then it was off to a bee keepers meeting with Simon at the IPI office. Karamana and Simon...

  • Veggies For Sale!

    Gardens are young yet bountiful. The soil is producing amazing veggies.... Excited about the possibilities!
  • Mung Beans

    Mung Beans: Surprisingly there are lots of bugs in dry mung beans... who would have guessed?....This afternoon, while sitting in the sun I spent about an one hour and a half cleaning out bugs, bad beans and small rocks from our dinner to be. It was sort of like a meditation... a bean meditation....I don't think I have been that focused...

  • Fresh the Movie

    Friday night we squeaked into the opening screening of Fresh the Movie and had the amazing opportunity to listen to a brilliant panel discussion with the film maker Ana Sofia Joanes, Michael Pollan (Ominivores Dilemma and Botany of Desire), and Ari Derfel (Save Your Trash for a Year). I was so excited I purchased the movie and will be doing a screening in Meru for IPI, KACH and our host family. It is a perfect
  • Bio-Intensive

    Today we booked ourselves into a full day workshop at the Bio Intensive Agriculture Training Center.  We spent the day getting educated, alongside some of the crew from IPI, so we could bring to practice at KACH and take the knowledge home with us. John Jeavons from Willits California created Bio Intensive farming practices, which maximize land use and produce...

  • Lisa's plans

    Later this evening, Lisa introduced us to her "Plans" for the garden and land that will be responsible for educating, feeding, and providing income for the children of KACH. I realized it will be a big challenge to make it all happen, but what we were doing, even if it feels small, is making a difference in helping save and...

  • Tadpoles!

    These tadpoles were solid against the entire edge of the concrete pond where the folks at the bio intensive demonstration school grew tilapia (a sweet white fish)
  • Bio Intensive Center

    It was amazing to find Bernard! He had knowledge of medicinal plants, vegetable gardening, animal husbandry and was an expert nursery man. We brought along the whole family so everyone would support each other and remind each other of the knowledge they gained today.