• Questions Extreme Sports Communities Find Themselves Asking

    We choose to participate in things that scare the bajeezus out of us, we’re just weird that way. Activities like these are what create the communities we attach ourselves to and grow from. Our passions are molded through them and the athletes who shape these sports become our inspiration, heroes, and legends. But at what risk?
  • Remembering a Legend at iF3

    iF3 is a highlight of the year for the snowsports community - it celebrates the accomplishments of filmmakers and athletes in freeskiing, sets the tone for the upcoming season, and this year it celebrated the legacy of JP Auclair.
  • Celebrate the Planet for Earth Week 2015

    This year for Earth Day, the AI community is feeling celebratory, so we came up with some (fairly easy) ways to celebrate the planet this week!
  • Start Planning Your Summer in the Mountains

    Now is the ideal time to plan for summer. A new season entails fresh adventures. This year, step outside your comfort zone and into a different mountain range.
  • You Are What You Eat

    Who doesn’t love the convenience of a granola bar for an on-the-hill snack? But like with most of what we eat, it can be a struggle to ensure our food is not only just good for our bodies, but also good for the environment.
  • Good News For The Peel Watershed!

    The Peel Watershed region in the Yukon Territory of Canada recently took a huge step forward when they won the court case to open up more discussions about protecting this beautiful area.
  • The Blue Dot Tour

    The Blue Dot Tour aims to bring individuals together in the hopes of promoting the right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat healthy food. It hopes to encourage people to take action to create and lobby for healthier communities, cities, provinces and a healthier nation as a whole.
  • The Largest March on Climate Change

    This Sunday, September 21, 2014 New York City will mobilize, along with communities across the globe, as thousands of people take to the streets for the People’s Climate March for change on issues of climate. This could be the precipice of a worldwide shift in perspective on how we treat our planet.
  • Protecting the Peel Watershed

    Sprawling over 68,000 square feet, the Yukon’s Peel River watershed is one of the largest, most beautiful and intact wilderness areas in North America. It is a remote and rugged region defined by six major tributaries that connect into the Peel: the Ogilvie, Hart, Blackstone, Snake, Wind and Bonnet Plume rivers. I had the opportunity to paddle the Bonnet Plume...

  • Becoming a More Accessible Community

    We wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight several organizations that are doing amazing work in the United States to provide at-risk youth with opportunities to simultaneously participate in the snow sports community while also growing as individuals.
  • A Natural Connection

    Humans can learn so much about the importance of connectivity from nature, specifically from talking trees and magical fungi. Ecological balance depends on these fragile and complex modes of connection that do everything from keeping our air clean to driving the diversity and resilience of the ecosystem.
  • Behind the scenes with Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

    Alpine Initiatives gets behind the scenes with Grant Baldwin, Director of Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story. The film documents Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer as they live off of food waste for 6 whole months while researching and exploring the issues around the billions of dollars of food that are wasted each year in North America.
  • Interview With Director Grant Baldwin of Just Eat It

    Alpine Initiatives interviews Grant Baldwin, director of Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story.
  • Summer 2014 Mountain Festivals

    Gear up for the warm weather season and mark your calendars for these great outdoor summer festivals set against a backdrop of jagged peaks.
  • Being Present with Social Media

    These days, leaving your house without a cell phone is like leaving your house without pants. Our mobile devices instantly allow us to share, like or comment on any number of social networking sites. Some might say that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are removing us from the outside world, giving us the ability to insulate ourselves in social...

  • Women in the Snowsports Community: Badass Female Initiatives

    In an arena where women do not always take center stage, women across the globe are coming together to support and challenge one another through various initiatives. Continue reading to learn more about a few of the incredible initiatives started by some of these courageous women.
  • MOOCs - Learning In A Networked World

    “Online learning is the ultimate democratizer” – Anant Agarwal, President of edX
  • Alpine Initiatives Open House in Steamboat Colorado

    AI is hosting an open house this Thursday at 5:30pm to update the community of Steamboat on what we've done, what we're currently working on and what we can collaborate on in the future.
  • The Ukrainian Freeriders

    Alpine Initiatives has been working hard over the past several years to develop an international network of friends and supporters. When we got wind of what some of these friends in the Ukraine recently undertook, we decided we had to share it.
  • Beyond Boarding; "Spreading Happiness"

    "The inspiration for this project was to take the happiness we got from snowboarding and channelling it into humanitarian work…" Lear about Beyond Boarding's mission and current projects