• Welcome to Ambalona

    Alpine Initiatives' second project is currently taking place in Madagascar. This project, founded a year and a half ago, is the lesser known of the two project that AI has been working on in other countries. We want to take this opportunity to further introduce our followers to the community of Ambalona and some of the people that call it...

  • AI Arrival at KACH

    A quick update from AI member Erik Wardell about his current visit at KACH: "...The kids were quite shy at first, having not seen me in over a year and..."
  • All. I. Can. - Whistler Premier and Sustainability Symposium

    AI’s latest endeavor lead us out to Whistler, BC to co-host an art and sustainability symposium in collaboration with Sherpas Cinema. When the Sherpas decided they wanted to incorporate an educational piece into the Whistler premier of All.I.Can., we couldn’t have been more willing to reach out and lend a hand.
  • AI and She Jumps Backcountry Awareness Clinic

    Lift lines are long, the snow is amazing, how about heading into the backcountry to soak up some powder turns? First things first, athletes need to understand what backcountry travel is all about and how to safely participate in it, so Alpine Initiatives and She Jumps teamed up to host a women’s backcountry awareness clinic last April 9-10 at Vail Mountain Resort.
  • AI Diva Day

    AI members Emmanuelle Vital and Jen Johnson recently got together to spread awareness amongst the divas of Steamboat Springs, CO.
  • AI Back Country Awareness

    Alpine Initiatives recently teamed up with with Vail Resorts, Vail Ski Patrol and Back Country Access to hold what may have been the most exciting backcountry awareness class of all time.    Teens from all over the Vail area were invited to attend this free backcountry awareness class. Twenty eager students signed up for the two day course hosted by...

  • Field Trip

    A day on the road.... we went to a nursery owned by John an amazing horticulturist who has been trying many new varieties from Embu and always improving his plant stock. He fed us yellow and red tree tomatoes and export grade avocados and sent us off with red bananas and purple sweet potatoes. We stopped by our friend Ayub's...

  • Sugar Cane Kids

    A little afternoon sweet snack....I was just sitting in the garden and soon come Clifford, Mercy and Bessy with a bucket and sticks of sugar cane.. sure enough it was devoured in a matter of minutes!

  • Campfire

    The Second night in Meru a special night was arranged with a campfire, stories and a dance from the kids... It felt wonderful to be cozy by the fire and see a dream of true community come true!!!!

  • Meru bound

    On my way back to Meru! A long flight over from San Francisco to Nairobi.... I met up with Chris Seely with Skansen , IPI's European partner and we took a small 8 seater to Nanyuki and then a short hour drive on to Meru. We spotted mount Kenya, a rare site. We will be climbing it in October for...

  • Thanksgiving " Board meeting"

    JP, Lisa and Mikey's brother Brock apre ski.....All of us got together over thanksgiving to discuss next steps for the upcoming year! We hadn't all been together since June.... there were long nights of planning and fun days on Vail's few runs!!

  • KACH Gardens

    Below is an update and some photos from Karamana...looks like all is going well on the newly acquired 2 acres! these gardens will provide food for all the kids at KACH as well as be sold to the local community. So exciting! "Hello,Here are some pictures of the farm blocks on the other side of kach. Kids are giving a...

  • Karamana's Letters

    Seems as all is going well with KACH and the gardens.... Here are a few excerpts from Karamana's recent lettersOctober 2nd, 2009 "HelloHi Lisa how are you? we are all fine here in meru,kach is doing really wellThe gardens are doing good we use the vegetables from the gardens most of the times. The onions are very good and have...


    Here are a few shots of the seed workshop by the Organic Seed Alliance at Abbondanza Farm. I will be taking over several varieties for testing in November!!!

  • Tina

    Tina Fleishman is a psychologist from Vail.  She came in just a few days ago to spend some time with the kids.  Some of the things she will discuss with them are peace, group dynamics, the concept of family, cooperation, character education and values.  It's so great to have her around.

  • Smiles

    We keep telling ourselves that, even though we came here to work for the children, we don't need to be able to see them or have any kind of interaction with them..  We like to think that we can be self-less enough to just do our work without meeting with the people it will affect.  But the truth is, all...

  • Clinic.

    We took the kids to a free medical clinic set up by the Kenya Red Cross.  They are in fairly good shape, some we showing signs of malnutrition, most of them got de-worming medication and they all handled going to the doc like champs! When we got back home it was arts and crafts time..

  • First morning at KACH!

    Some of the kids got up at 6:30 to do their chores (make their beds, clean the floors and bathrooms).  Before breakfast, we did a morning workout with Dolphine, our dance instructor!  Lots of laughs...

  • A Few Words For the EEY

    In June, right before we showed up, a group of students from the Vail Mountain School came to Meru to build a chicken/goat/rabbit pen for KACH. Mikey and I heard lots about their trip from the Meru community and wanted to say...
  • On our way to work.

    This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip;  Glue bottle in hand, Kevin runs after Mikey at the Makutano intersection.