• Madagascar Update

    After two years of partnership with Hope For Madagascar, the community of Ambalona continues on the road to sustainability.
  • Update from Ambalona

    Alpine Initiatives co-founder, Lisa Lee Benjamin, recently made the trip over to Madagascar to check up on AI's projects in the community of Ambalona and identify opportunities for future collaborations with partner organization Hope For Madagascar (HFM).
  • Ambalona Perma Gardens

    A year and a half ago, AI Programs Director, Emmanuelle Vital ventured over to the village of Ambalona, Madagascar with the intention of developing a perma garden project that would create a nutritional food source and additional income for the community.
  • Welcome to Ambalona

    Alpine Initiatives' second project is currently taking place in Madagascar. This project, founded a year and a half ago, is the lesser known of the two project that AI has been working on in other countries. We want to take this opportunity to further introduce our followers to the community of Ambalona and some of the people that call it...