• Remembering a Legend at iF3

    iF3 is a highlight of the year for the snowsports community - it celebrates the accomplishments of filmmakers and athletes in freeskiing, sets the tone for the upcoming season, and this year it celebrated the legacy of JP Auclair.
  • 2015 Grass Roots Grants Applications Open

    Calling environmental, sustainability, community and arts based non-profits! It’s that time of year again, and we are excited to kick off our 2015 Grass Roots Grants cycle!
  • The Armada AI JJ Evolution

    The qualities of the AI JJ have come to represent the qualities that JP was known for. So, when you’re ripping big lines, or jibbing around your local resort, you’ll be embracing the legacy of JP Auclair with every turn.
  • Throwback: JP's Very Own Salomon Teneighty Ski

    This week, in honor of the first annual JP memorial competition, we are celebrating JP and how he pioneered the free ski industry by auctioning off his very own original Salomon Teneighty setup for your chance to have a piece of skiing history. All proceeds from the auction will go toward the Auclair Fund in support of JP’s family.
  • Celebrate the Planet for Earth Week 2015

    This year for Earth Day, the AI community is feeling celebratory, so we came up with some (fairly easy) ways to celebrate the planet this week!
  • The Greater Impact of the California Drought

    The ski industry in California is being hit hard by climate change and the impact of the California drought has led to early ski hill closures across the state. This lack of snow poses a very real threat off the mountain, to California’s overall water supply and economic livelihood. We must act now!
  • Introducing the Newest Limited Edition AI JJ 2.0

    AI would like to present the newest version of the AI limited edition JJ, the AI JJ 2.0! They are a tribute to the legend and our best yet!
  • 2014 Grass Roots Grants Winners!

    The 2014 Grass Roots Grants voting cycle has come to a close, and we are excited to announce this years $5,000 grant recipients!
  • #WeLoveYouJP Tribute & Auction Now Live

    In partnership with Sherpas Cinema, we are opening an auction to benefit the Auclair Fund; in addition, we are releasing We Love You JP created by Sherpas and Poor Boyz.
  • Vote Now for Grass Root Grants!

    Vote now for your favorite 2015 Grass Roots Grants finalists - five organizations who are creating tangible, positive change in their mountain communities.
  • Good News For The Peel Watershed!

    The Peel Watershed region in the Yukon Territory of Canada recently took a huge step forward when they won the court case to open up more discussions about protecting this beautiful area.
  • Give AI Gifts of Good This Holiday Season!

    Support Alpine Initiatives and mountain communities by giving the gift of good this holiday season.
  • In Loving Memory of JP Auclair

    The loss of our co-founder, JP, is overwhelming for us. He had an incredible impact on everything he touched. JP was our favorite person to be around; he was hilarious and he was kind. Above all, JP was a father and genuinely magnificent human.
  • The Largest March on Climate Change

    This Sunday, September 21, 2014 New York City will mobilize, along with communities across the globe, as thousands of people take to the streets for the People’s Climate March for change on issues of climate. This could be the precipice of a worldwide shift in perspective on how we treat our planet.
  • Protecting the Peel Watershed

    Sprawling over 68,000 square feet, the Yukon’s Peel River watershed is one of the largest, most beautiful and intact wilderness areas in North America. It is a remote and rugged region defined by six major tributaries that connect into the Peel: the Ogilvie, Hart, Blackstone, Snake, Wind and Bonnet Plume rivers. I had the opportunity to paddle the Bonnet Plume...

  • The Cost of Exploration: The Deadly Impacts of Climbing on Everest

    The sherpa saying among Everest guides is, “We service the needs of many who come to claim Everest as their own.” If sherpas continue to serve the needs of Westerners above their own needs and the needs of the mountain, Everest will surely collapse under the weight of its tourism. We need to find a way to foster a symbiotic relationship between guests, guides, and the mountain.
  • The Armada Limited Edition AI JJs: Get Em While You Still Can!

    There are only six pairs of the 175s left so invest now for next season – invest in your own skiing and also invest in forwarding sustainable efforts originating from the snow sports community as a whole. The best part about the AI JJs – 100% of the proceeds from your purchase go directly to Alpine Initiatives.
  • An Olympic Impact on the Environment

    Sochi 2014 is being touted as a man-made environmental disaster. But, while it’s easy to point the finger at the IOC or Putin, or even the UN, we cannot ignore our own accountability.
  • Get The Word Out - Grass Roots Grants Are Back

    We are granting $15,000 to sustainability minded organizations in North American mountain towns. We need your help getting the word out.
  • Landfill to Ski Hill

    We all know the mantra Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reclaim and as hard as we try to live by these values in our everyday lives, we can’t ignore the fact that humans have a long history of consumption and waste production. One of the most common reminders of human waste are the many landfills that dot our landscapes. Although landfills...