• Safely Exploring the Backcountry

    The backcountry will call your name. If you are a skier, there comes an inevitable point in your life when the lifts in the resort just aren’t doing it for you and the untouched snow on the peaks in the distance becomes impossible to resist. When this time arrives, the question that every skier must ask himself or herself is, “Is living the dream worth risking it all?”
  • Gardening and Smashing Rocks with the Ryans

    Not only did Courtney Ryan do an exceptional job of getting the KACH cottage project off the ground, she also managed to get her family out to Kenya. They helped us start the construction of the soon-to-be accommodations for KACH visitors and guests. It's a good thing they made the trip down here to volunteer. With a large volume of rocks to remove from the ground, we needed all..
  • Planting A Living Fence

    We took a break from building this past Saturday to welcome a new visitor to KACH and spend some quality time with its smaller residents. Steve McNamara ran the Portland marathon this past October to raise funds for AI and the continuation of our work. Steve successfully completed the
  • JP Auclair's Urban Imagination

    AI Co-Founder JP Auclair recently teamed up with Sherpas Cinema to reinvent what a urban segment can look like. At AI we consider ourselves very lucky to have the imaginative mind of JP leading us into the future. Enjoy this little segment... we all did. 

  • The Self-Starter

    Dylan Bowman would like you to think that he is an ordinary human being, but the truth is that he is a freak of nature (and we mean that in the best way possible). He is fanatical about running and doing it for a great cause.
  • The Amazing Megan Parks

    Megan Parks was the first to step up and utilize her passion to help fund-raise for AI. Needless to say, we were highly impressed with Megan's innovative approach to helping us out.
  • Dylan Bowman's Leaville Trail 100 Initiative

    This past weekend, Alpine Initiatives was on the mind of ultra-marathon runner Dylan Bowman, as he raced his way across The Rockies. Dylan is an Aspen, CO local that decided to team up with Alpine Initiatives in order to raise funds for our work in Kenya. Dylan successfully completed The Leadville Trail 100, with an astonishing time of 18 hours and 36 minutes...
  • Half way!

    Megan first walked into the woods to begin her 2,173 miles hike from Georgia to Maine... She has embarked on this journey to explore the subculture of AT thru hikers and she is raising money for AI in the process. People have been...
  • AI Members in Vars, France

    I have been in France for almost a month and a half, what an awesome experience and awesome time. I arrived on December 16th and spent 10 days in La Plagne and then on the 26th it was off to Vars to prepare for the Redbull Linecatcher Event. We had two weeks to get ready. We would hike an hour...

  • Thanksgiving " Board meeting"

    JP, Lisa and Mikey's brother Brock apre ski.....All of us got together over thanksgiving to discuss next steps for the upcoming year! We hadn't all been together since June.... there were long nights of planning and fun days on Vail's few runs!!

  • Architecture for Humanity: Cameron sinclair

    Open source architecture that is changing the world.... It is amazing how easy and possible it is for all of us to make a huge difference quickly!  Congratulation Cameron Sinclair for winning the TED prize!

  • Confession's of a Radical Industrialist

    Here is an excerpt from Ray Anderson, a keynote at the West Coast Green Conference I attended at the beginning of October. He has a very interesting point of view and has changed the face of how we look at Industrialism and big business. Good Stuff!

  • Karamana's Letters

    Seems as all is going well with KACH and the gardens.... Here are a few excerpts from Karamana's recent lettersOctober 2nd, 2009 "HelloHi Lisa how are you? we are all fine here in meru,kach is doing really wellThe gardens are doing good we use the vegetables from the gardens most of the times. The onions are very good and have...

  • Bikes and bikes part 2.

    Since we've been staying at KACH, we don't make the commute from Makutano to Kithoka on our bikes.  We've been enjoying the time we get to spend with the "fortunate" few who moved into KACH but in the last few days.  I've been thinking a lot about Makutano's main intersection kids, the ones who still sleep on the street every...

  • Tina

    Tina Fleishman is a psychologist from Vail.  She came in just a few days ago to spend some time with the kids.  Some of the things she will discuss with them are peace, group dynamics, the concept of family, cooperation, character education and values.  It's so great to have her around.

  • Smiles

    We keep telling ourselves that, even though we came here to work for the children, we don't need to be able to see them or have any kind of interaction with them..  We like to think that we can be self-less enough to just do our work without meeting with the people it will affect.  But the truth is, all...

  • First morning at KACH!

    Some of the kids got up at 6:30 to do their chores (make their beds, clean the floors and bathrooms).  Before breakfast, we did a morning workout with Dolphine, our dance instructor!  Lots of laughs...

  • The kids are in!

    Today is extremely hard to describe with words...  and I don't think pictures can do it either...  We went and picked up the first kids who will be staying at KACH.  Some seemed extremely excited about going (mostly the ones who had no real home and/or the ones who already knew Karambu, Mikey or myself) some of them seemed scared...

  • Harambe = Togetherness

    Fundraising is an event that happens all over the world; it takes different forms and is used for various reasons; and interestingly it is an event and thing that we, as Alpine Initiatives, have spent a lot of time recently thinking about. So it was very fitting for us to be involved in a couple in Meru, where they are...

  • Duel at Sacred Lake

    Up high near the base of mount Kenya the vegetation became somewhat reminiscent of home. A shepard lead us to the sacred lake where there were elephant tracks and a duel!