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    Calling environmental, sustainability, community and arts based non-profits! It’s that time of year again, and we are excited to kick off our 2015 Grass Roots Grants cycle!
  • 2014 Grass Roots Grants Winners!

    The 2014 Grass Roots Grants voting cycle has come to a close, and we are excited to announce this years $5,000 grant recipients!
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    Vote now for your favorite 2015 Grass Roots Grants finalists - five organizations who are creating tangible, positive change in their mountain communities.
  • SmartWool Servapalooza Pt 2

    Alpine Initiatives teamed up with SmartWool and Yampa Valley Sustainability Council in Steamboat Springs, CO to build ski and snowboard covered recycling containers to upgrade and promote the local recycling program.
  • SmartWool Servapalooza Pt. 1

    Alpine Initiatives partners with SmartWool for their bi-annual service day in Steamboat Springs, CO to beautify local community recycling containers with up-cycled skis.
  • Madagascar Update

    After two years of partnership with Hope For Madagascar, the community of Ambalona continues on the road to sustainability.
  • Aspen T.R.E.E.'s Geodesic Greenhouse

    AI teams up with Aspen T.R.E.E. and the community of the Roaring Fork Valley to help build a greenhouse designed to educate.
  • Stoves for Ambalona School Lunch Program

    The efficient cook stoves for the Ambalona school lunch program in Madagascar are built and ready to be used! Here is the latest update from Fidi, AI and the HFM field technician in Madagascar. Fidi has been working with local villagers to build brick stoves in order to cook lunches for the 200 children attending primary school in the village...

  • Ambalona Perma Gardens

    A year and a half ago, AI Programs Director, Emmanuelle Vital ventured over to the village of Ambalona, Madagascar with the intention of developing a perma garden project that would create a nutritional food source and additional income for the community.
  • Gardening and Smashing Rocks with the Ryans

    Not only did Courtney Ryan do an exceptional job of getting the KACH cottage project off the ground, she also managed to get her family out to Kenya. They helped us start the construction of the soon-to-be accommodations for KACH visitors and guests. It's a good thing they made the trip down here to volunteer. With a large volume of rocks to remove from the ground, we needed all..
  • The Cottage Project

    When Courtney Ryan came to us a little over a year ago and asked if she could help us fundraise for a project at KACH, we were more than happy to take her up on her offer. We inquired with our Kenyan partner Karmabu Ringera to see which of her planned projects Courtney could help fundraise for. Karambu identified the...

  • Latest photos from KACH

    When talking about the the Kithoka Amani Community Home (KACH), we sometimes catch ourselves cringing as we use the word "orphanage", feeling like the connotation around the word might not be the most positive, or might simply not do KACH justice. We thought, maybe it should be called a "childrens' home" or "community home" and so on… In the end, we decided it was time to just reclaim the word
  • KACH Update

    The gardens and the kids are thriving at our first project KACH and we are about to embark on the next piece of the sustainability plan there dubbed, The Cottage Project. The Cottage Project will provide housing for the visitors and volunteers at KACH and will generate extra income to help sustain the home. More on that to come soon,...

  • Construction Finished On KACH Dining Hall

    AI recently finished work on the dining hall at KACH. It took us over a year to complete, but when it was all said and done, we are pretty proud of what was accomplished.
  • dining hall progress

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  • Summer update from Dr. Karambu

    Alpine Initiatives partner Dr. Karambu Ringera writes us a summer update on KACH, Ethically Engaged Youth, Women Waging Peace...
  • Dining hall progress

    The dining hall is almost complete! we have also built several walls in the landscape so the kids can sit around the new basket ball court! Getting close and all is well!
  • New Benches

    Check out our new benches!!!! Thank you for your continuous support!

  • Ruiri in Bloom

    We headed to Ruiri with our newly formed dream team as Judith put it. Chris, Karambu, Kathy, Mark, Judith and I . We were astounded by the beauty, potential and quiet of the site. Wildflowers and sweet smells lay in drifts across the property and were accompanied by bird songs. The desert had come alive! The potential for another Amani...

  • Kids

    The spark that keeps this project going!!