• B-Ball!

    Thank you to Oakley the BB court was finished last week! it is impossible to keep the kids off of it they love it so much!

  • Murals

    Today Ceila, Karamana and I added some needed color to KACH's interior and welcomed help when the children returned from school at 4pm. Just a little love and color makes everything a bit brighter !!!!

  • 11 Acres

    Monday Kathy, Bernard, Chris and I set off from KACH on foot and after a lovely walk through forests of thitonia and an alley of grevillia trees we came to the 11 acres. I actually looked at this land in 2008 with Karambu and even at that time saw it's huge potential. Currently Karambu is renting it and planted a...

  • KACH Garden!

    WOW! look at this landscape just a few short months and it is totally transformed!

  • Dr. K's 2 acres

    Dr. Karambu had acquired these two acres last summer and we laid out a loose farm plan before I left last July which Bernard and Simon implemented. This is what it looks like only 7 months later. It provided a crop of maize and beans and has been planted with fruit trees. The kids each have a Bio intensive plot...

  • Thank you Oakley for the basket ball court!!!

    Thank you Oakley!!! for your generous donation to help us fund the construction of 1/2 basket ball court. We are excited with the progress and getting close to completion. I bet the kids can't wait.

  • Letter from Dr. K

    Here is a letter from Dr, Karambu that I wanted to share with you as I think it speaks to the leadership, heart and commitment that we hope to nurture and grow and the tremendous possibility it has! "Hi Lisa, Thank you for your mail and understanding. I feel peaceful reading your email. And yes, it has been a constant...

  • KACH Gardens

    Below is an update and some photos from Karamana...looks like all is going well on the newly acquired 2 acres! these gardens will provide food for all the kids at KACH as well as be sold to the local community. So exciting! "Hello,Here are some pictures of the farm blocks on the other side of kach. Kids are giving a...

  • A Few Words For the EEY

    In June, right before we showed up, a group of students from the Vail Mountain School came to Meru to build a chicken/goat/rabbit pen for KACH. Mikey and I heard lots about their trip from the Meru community and wanted to say...
  • RACH

    This is the new site for a second community home. The climate and lay of the land is very different than KACH. It is brown, hot, dry and windy almost all year with very little rain fall. It is absolutely beautiful with a natural saline spring and two varieties of acacia trees. The Acacia senegal is known for it's seeds...

  • Outside walls

    We ran out of stones for the cook's bedroom today.  Whenever we have to find something else to do, we end up working on the finish for the outside walls of the kitchen.. and she's cleaning up nicely...

  • Walls

    The walls of the cook's bedroom are going up!  After working at ground level for a week and a half, it's rewarding to see the building going up.

  • Here we go again!

    Well..  We're back at it for another 5 weeks.

  • Michele

    Michele is already back in Meru. Today, she saw the Amani Community Home for the first time since last Ocober and this is what she wrote us: "...I broke down and cried today when I saw Amani, it is so close to being finished! Plastered, white walls inside, tile floors, roof on, window grates up
  • Main building

    Skansen is an interior construction company from Londonwhich is in charge of the main building for KACH.They are over there right now and it'samazing to see how far it's come along!


    Here are the gardens now just a few short months after they were planted!!! It is incredible to see the transformation.  Karambu just sent these pics along with the news that they were selling their first crops!!! I feel goosebumps looking at them as sometimes it feels like our actions don't have an impact and this feels huge and immediate. I...

  • Lisa's plans

    Later this evening, Lisa introduced us to her "Plans" for the garden and land that will be responsible for educating, feeding, and providing income for the children of KACH. I realized it will be a big challenge to make it all happen, but what we were doing, even if it feels small, is making a difference in helping save and...

  • The rest of the crew is here

    Today, was pretty amazing with all sorts of stuff going on.  It was our first work day with Chad and Seth, and of course, since the slab and foundation are done, it was really easy!  Making all of our stories about how hard the work had been seem false. We have certainly moved onto a more technical aspect of the...

  • Slab, done!

    We completed the slab today!  Mikey and I were really excited as it was our goal to have it done before Seth and Chad got here.  The hardest part is over!! (we think..).  As soon as we pored and leveled the last wheelbarrow load of concrete, it started raining super hard.  We went into the KACH main building for shelter...

  • No machines

    Well we haven't used machines yet on this project, but I think our co-workers might view JP and I as their own personal cement mixers. We have been mixing cement like mad men, and even though the other guys we work with have been rotating, either by turn or by day, JP and I have remained in the same place....