• Telluride Mountainfilm: An Inspiring Event Not To Be Missed

    Telluride Mountainfilm is a truly inspiring event. The festival shows a film each night on a giant screen in Telluride’s town park. Bring a camp chair, some blankets, and a couple beers and join the fun!
  • Summer 2014 Mountain Festivals

    Gear up for the warm weather season and mark your calendars for these great outdoor summer festivals set against a backdrop of jagged peaks.
  • Being Present with Social Media

    These days, leaving your house without a cell phone is like leaving your house without pants. Our mobile devices instantly allow us to share, like or comment on any number of social networking sites. Some might say that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are removing us from the outside world, giving us the ability to insulate ourselves in social...

  • Landfill to Ski Hill

    We all know the mantra Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reclaim and as hard as we try to live by these values in our everyday lives, we can’t ignore the fact that humans have a long history of consumption and waste production. One of the most common reminders of human waste are the many landfills that dot our landscapes. Although landfills...

  • New Life for Old Snow Gear

    For some it happens every season, for others its every few years, but every snowsports enthusiast will eventually ask the question: "What do I do with this beat up gear?" Here are some creative and environmentally friendly tips to help guide your answer.
  • MOOCs - Learning In A Networked World

    “Online learning is the ultimate democratizer” – Anant Agarwal, President of edX
  • 2012 Holiday Gift Recommendations

    We all know holiday shopping can be frustrating. In an attempt to make your holiday shopping season a bit more tolerable, and a bit more responsible, we have put together this list to help you outfit your outdoorsy loved one with environmentally and socially conscious gifts from socks to skis!
  • The FullCircle Project

    We are innately drawn to the mountains as skiers and riders. With a mentality similar to ours at Alpine Initiatives, Matt Philippi, Aidan Haley, Jack Tolan, Taylor Felton, Caleb Braley, Dan Marion, and Michael Brown, co-founders and members of the FullCircle Project team followed their love for the mountains and professional skiing careers to South America.
  • How Green Is Your Internet

    According to a study by McKinsey & Co, by 2020 the world’s data centers are projected to surpass the airline industry as a greenhouse gas polluter. Many web-hosting companies still pull energy from the grid because they claim to still not trust alternative sources as reliable enough to power their servers. Lots of greener web hosting options are emerging as people...
  • Stanley Bell

    What happens when one artists gets a bunch of his friends to collaborate on skate decks? We just found out thanks to Stanley Bell.
  • Tiles for America

    Came across this while strolling down 7th ave in NYC last Sunday......

  • Githinji Mibre

    A visit to West Oakland led me to Githinji Mibre, a Kenyan, a resident and a member of the Village Bottoms. There was an immediate connection to this very talented and elevated spirit when I met him in October at the West Coast Green Conference. He has been working and creating beautiful and impactful art in the bay area for the...

  • Grown in Detroit

    Grown in Detroit ....love this! an amazing initiative transforming how we live and what is possible.....let's get growing!!!


    Check this out!!!! if you don't have room for a veggie garden you can look into this option! I love that they use green roof components ( especially my friend paul's gaia soil), amazing resourcefulness, and brilliant documentation of what is possible just when it looks there are no options! get gardening!

  • Toronto! Cities Alive!

    JP and I met in Toronto mid October and it has been a flurry of activity ever since... we went over all that has happened in 2009 and where we are headed for 2010. There was no shortage of ideas and direction for AI... so stay tuned After JP left I headed to the cities alive conference and had a...

  • Architecture for Humanity: Cameron sinclair

    Open source architecture that is changing the world.... It is amazing how easy and possible it is for all of us to make a huge difference quickly!  Congratulation Cameron Sinclair for winning the TED prize!

  • Confession's of a Radical Industrialist

    Here is an excerpt from Ray Anderson, a keynote at the West Coast Green Conference I attended at the beginning of October. He has a very interesting point of view and has changed the face of how we look at Industrialism and big business. Good Stuff!


    Here are a few shots of the seed workshop by the Organic Seed Alliance at Abbondanza Farm. I will be taking over several varieties for testing in November!!!

  • Greening the Desert: another plug for permaculture!

    A very cool insight into how we can reshape arid places in order to make them sustainable. This is encouraging given the fact that the land for our next project RACH is more or less rocks and sand Growing a garden in this environment will be a new kind of challenge for us.
  • The Age of the Unthinkable

    I'm reading an interesting book right now: The Age of the Unthinkable: why the new world disorder constantly surprises us and what we can do about it by Joshua Cooper Ramo.  The book is about how we are in an unpredictable and revolutionary time, when we've been relying on old systems, practices, politics and people that are no longer relevant..,...