• Insights on Africa's Social Challenges

    Check out the Library of African Cinema collection from California Newsreel-Film and Video for Social Change - www.newsreel.org(new and old, fiction and non-fiction DVDs) including:Everyone’s ChildWas developed as “training tape for community-based orphan care programs. But the rapid spread of AIDS made the problem so acute they felt only a feature film could place the issue at the forefront of...

  • You are the future of philanthropy

    Here is a cool lecture from Katherine Fulton on the future of philanthropy. She defines philanthropy as collaboration around a common goal to think and do bigger, and discusses ways people are participating and what's new and emerging. She also speaks to philanthropy as giving time and talent, not just money, and how philanthropy is being democratized - a time...

  • Resources

    Two days until we leave!! here are the books I am bringing as resources to lead us along the way and provide information we will need for KACH.  We have been working on several projects in Colorado recently dealing with water cycles,  rain water, grey water (from washing machines, showers, etc...) To black water ( from toilets) and I am excited to
  • Fresh the Movie

    Friday night we squeaked into the opening screening of Fresh the Movie and had the amazing opportunity to listen to a brilliant panel discussion with the film maker Ana Sofia Joanes, Michael Pollan (Ominivores Dilemma and Botany of Desire), and Ari Derfel (Save Your Trash for a Year). I was so excited I purchased the movie and will be doing a screening in Meru for IPI, KACH and our host family. It is a perfect
  • Bio-Intensive

    Today we booked ourselves into a full day workshop at the Bio Intensive Agriculture Training Center.  We spent the day getting educated, alongside some of the crew from IPI, so we could bring to practice at KACH and take the knowledge home with us. John Jeavons from Willits California created Bio Intensive farming practices, which maximize land use and produce...