• Mountains Are Awesome! - March 2013

    Steven L. Brunton was a graduate graduate student at Princeton's department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering when he created those mathematical landscapes. This generative art is based on a logistic map modelling population dynamics with reproduction and limited resources, juxtaposing a calculated order with the organic nature of landscape; order in the chaos (or vice versa!). *On the first of every month, we’ll take a...

  • Mountains Are Awesome! - March 2013

    'Alps'; a photo essay by Hungarian photographer Akos Major. Currently living in Vienna, Akos graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in Budapest in 2001 with a degree of Visual Communications. For additional info, or to find out about signed and limited editions prints, just say "hello" at hello@akosmajor.com *On the first of every month, we’ll take a little time...

  • Mountain Inspired

    This past Friday, AI teamed up with Strafe Outerwear & Iris Gallery to put on a mountain inspired photography showcase and silent auction. The idea behind the event was to bring together all sorts of people who derive their inspiration from the mountains to celebrate this source of inspiration and to do it as a benefit for AI.
  • Strafe Outerwear x Alpine Initiatives -- Mountain Inspired Photography Showcase & Silent Auction

    This Friday, Alpine Initiatives and Strafe Outerwear will be paying tribute to the mountains that inspire almost every aspect of our lives. Thanks to the generosity of 10+ photographers who also derive inspiration from these mountains, we will be auctioning off numerous mountain inspired prints, with all proceeds going to benefit the continued work of AI.
  • Mountains Are Awesome! - Feb. 2013

    This month, we’re spotlighting Denver-based illustrator John Fellows. Nature and travel have inspired much of his captivating linoleum carving prints, which of course grabbed our attention. But John ups the ante by using found papers, including old topo maps and papers dating as far back as the 1880s, for his prints. "My work tends to be small, I like to...

  • Mountains Are Awesome! - Jan. 2013

    Happy new year! For this first "Mountains Are Awesome" post of 2013, the featured artist is YOU! Here are our 12 favorite #mountaingrams from 2012.                                     In order of appearance:  @0alh0  @circa_1983  @jenhudak  @jimmy_chin  @jonessnowboards  @julienregnier  @kcdeane  @kimhavell  @myshellparker  @pepfujas  @piahestdal  @xavierdelerue *On the first of every month, we’ll take a little time to pay...

  • Valhalla

    "When you’ve seen the season’s first great snow through the eyes of a child—you’ve known true happiness." Good work, Sweetgrass, it fully worked! For about two and a half minutes, you took us back to childhood. In their upcoming film Valhalla, the production company set out to find that sensation of freedom which "time and wisdom stole away." We love where this...

  • Mountains Are Awesome! - Dec. 2012

    Even though artist Sonja Hinrichsen is "not so into making art that lasts”, we're glad this winter version of crop circles was immortalized. Location: Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado. *On the first of every month, we’ll take a little time to pay tribute to what we think is one of the most awe-inspiring things out there: Mountains.  It might be a photo, video,...

  • 2012 Holiday Gift Recommendations

    We all know holiday shopping can be frustrating. In an attempt to make your holiday shopping season a bit more tolerable, and a bit more responsible, we have put together this list to help you outfit your outdoorsy loved one with environmentally and socially conscious gifts from socks to skis!
  • Mountains Are Awesome! - Nov. 2012

    "Mountains are pretty awesome!" Berlin based Photographer Matthias Heiderich said it himself when he posted this essay entitled Excursus: The Mountains. When asked about what film he tends to shoot with, he adds: "I use different films, expired films are always welcome, I still have some old gdr films, Ive used a couple of them lately and the colours are usually very...

  • The Ukrainian Freeriders

    Alpine Initiatives has been working hard over the past several years to develop an international network of friends and supporters. When we got wind of what some of these friends in the Ukraine recently undertook, we decided we had to share it.
  • Mountains Are Awesome! - Oct. 2012

    "June 8 th1924…and suddenly he was falling. In the blink of an eye, George Mallory was off his feet. He held his breath, hoping it was no more than a slide and that it would soon come to an end. Instead, he continued downward. He began to gather momentum..
  • Mountains Are Awesome! - Sept. 2012

    Since embarking on our search, we've discovered a wide range of artwork by many talented individuals. This little nugget just caught our attention and is particularly refreshing. Pulled straight from illustrator Heather Tompkins' blog, these are her thoughts about drawing in a book dating from the ‘40s: "Drawing on these old pages is way more difficult than I anticipated. The...

  • Mountains Are Awesome! - Aug. 2012

    For his retro poster series "Major Peaks of The Cascade Range", Illustrator Mitch Frey drew inspiration from the WPA national park posters and travel advertisements of the 1930s-1940s.  "I've really enjoyed this project" wrote Frey. "Since these are a few of my favorite mountains in the Pacific Northwest.  Having grown up here, I've had the extraordinary opportunity to play on and around...

  • Mountains Are Awesome! - July 2012

    UK based artist and illustrator Jamie Mills doesn't live in an overly mountainous region, but after stumbling upon his work on various sites (Juxtapoz, The Fox is Black), we noticed that mountains and wildlife are at the center of his work. We wanted to learn more about his take on mountains and humans’ entanglement with nature, so we've simply reached...

  • Mountains Are Awesome! - June 2012

    Summer is almost in full swing. It's time to swap skis and boards for hiking boots and climbing shoes! We want to share this stunning time-lapse video—shot entirely in Yosemite National Park—to encourage folks to explore those snowless peaks.
  • Mountains Are Awesome! - May 2012

    Located on the west coast of Norway, Fuglefjellet is a production company that specializes in aerial film services. Here, they show us their backyards; Norway´s fjords, glaciers and mountains seen from above.
  • Mountains Are Awesome! - April 2012

    Delicate and peaceful, here is a series of water colour paintings by Spain based artist Mar Hernandez.
  • Mountains Are Awesome! - March 2012

    Marc Adamus is a well recognized landscape photographer for good reason. The images Marc captures stirs in us the emotions we experience during those few fleeting moments when the light is perfect and you know you are immersed in a moment that will never be repeated. Enjoy this collection of mountain photos from Marc.  /homage to the mountain /the dark...

  • Mountains Are Awesome! - Feb. 2012

    Chili Thom, voted "Whistler's Favourite Artist" every year since 2002, uses mountains as a constant source of inspiration. He expresses himself through film making, DJing but is mostly known around the world for his acrylic paintings. Here is a collection of our favourite Chili Thom paintings. /The Floating Tusk /Somewhere in the Rockies /In the Heart of the Night /Into the...