• Growing the Power of our Communities

    News of our president-elect and his proposed cabinet have thrown a curveball in our efforts to preserve our environment and reduce climate change. The Clean Power Plan and the Paris Climate Agreement are under threat;, innumerable other regulations could potentially be stripped away. And while there is so much more to say on the topic, I rather turn the spotlight...

  • Is Climate Change Killing Winter Sports?

    There is no such thing as an average winter anymore. Snowpacks are thinner, snow seasons are shorter and weather patterns are unstable. Last december in America, for example, most mountains in the northeast were covered in brown mud and absolutely no snow, whilst in the west, a strong El Niño dropped more snow in a few weeks than in all...

  • Questions Extreme Sports Communities Find Themselves Asking

    We choose to participate in things that scare the bajeezus out of us, we’re just weird that way. Activities like these are what create the communities we attach ourselves to and grow from. Our passions are molded through them and the athletes who shape these sports become our inspiration, heroes, and legends. But at what risk?
  • Honor, Love & Gratitude | We Love You JP

    JP's love of the mountains blossomed into a deep consciousness for the earth and moved him to do his part in preserving her beauty. He was genuine in his encounters with others and deeply appreciated those who helped him along the way, and in doing so touched many during his life.
  • The Microadventure

    Adventure doesn't have to be confined to the weekend. Introducing the microadventure...
  • Mountains Are Awesome! December 2014

    The newest Mountains Are Awesome! series by local artist, Johannah K Hall, truly inspires and encourages in-the-moment appreciation and reflection of the experiences we often take for granted on the mountain.
  • Do What You Love: Inspiration From Slomo

    Slomo has truly figured out what it means to be a meaningful participant in this world. The formula? Do what you love. Since figuring this out, Slomo has given up his medical career and has been spending his time rollerskating in slow motion down the San Diego boardwalk, all for the bigger purpose to simply enjoy life.
  • The Cost of Exploration: The Deadly Impacts of Climbing on Everest

    The sherpa saying among Everest guides is, “We service the needs of many who come to claim Everest as their own.” If sherpas continue to serve the needs of Westerners above their own needs and the needs of the mountain, Everest will surely collapse under the weight of its tourism. We need to find a way to foster a symbiotic relationship between guests, guides, and the mountain.
  • A Natural Connection

    Humans can learn so much about the importance of connectivity from nature, specifically from talking trees and magical fungi. Ecological balance depends on these fragile and complex modes of connection that do everything from keeping our air clean to driving the diversity and resilience of the ecosystem.
  • Interview With Director Grant Baldwin of Just Eat It

    Alpine Initiatives interviews Grant Baldwin, director of Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story.
  • Nature: A Love Story

    “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” –Henry David Thoreau, Walden 1854 Herbert Wendell Gleason. Thoreau’s Cove in Winter, Walden Pond, 1916  For those of us who make our homes in ski towns, spend our vacations in the wilderness and devote our lives...

  • T.A.L. -Hot In My Backyard

    What's happened to the global warming dialogue? Have we hear all the arguments? People happy where they stand? Last week, This American Life explored tried to find out why the this issue has been stalled. Rest assured, this program does not mention solar panels, polar bears or Greenland.
  • Welcome to Ambalona

    Alpine Initiatives' second project is currently taking place in Madagascar. This project, founded a year and a half ago, is the lesser known of the two project that AI has been working on in other countries. We want to take this opportunity to further introduce our followers to the community of Ambalona and some of the people that call it...

  • Thanksgiving " Board meeting"

    JP, Lisa and Mikey's brother Brock apre ski.....All of us got together over thanksgiving to discuss next steps for the upcoming year! We hadn't all been together since June.... there were long nights of planning and fun days on Vail's few runs!!

  • Karamana's Letters

    Seems as all is going well with KACH and the gardens.... Here are a few excerpts from Karamana's recent lettersOctober 2nd, 2009 "HelloHi Lisa how are you? we are all fine here in meru,kach is doing really wellThe gardens are doing good we use the vegetables from the gardens most of the times. The onions are very good and have...

  • Bikes and bikes part 2.

    Since we've been staying at KACH, we don't make the commute from Makutano to Kithoka on our bikes.  We've been enjoying the time we get to spend with the "fortunate" few who moved into KACH but in the last few days.  I've been thinking a lot about Makutano's main intersection kids, the ones who still sleep on the street every...

  • On our way to work.

    This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip;  Glue bottle in hand, Kevin runs after Mikey at the Makutano intersection.

  • Harambe = Togetherness

    Fundraising is an event that happens all over the world; it takes different forms and is used for various reasons; and interestingly it is an event and thing that we, as Alpine Initiatives, have spent a lot of time recently thinking about. So it was very fitting for us to be involved in a couple in Meru, where they are...

  • Bikes and bikes.

    This year, we welcomed three new members to our AI family in Meru.  The Amani Crusader, Kukukachoo The Locomo Bike, and Miriam. These are the bikes we decided to buy and use as our mode of transportation to and from work. The buying of the bikes turned out to be an adventure in itself only highlighting the adventures that lay...

  • Tribute to the garden

    One of my best memories form last October was pulling rocks out of the ground to get the garden started.  It was a real therapeutic experience for me.  Every time I pulled a rock out of the ground, I would think; "One less rock in the garden!".  So simple, so tangible, so real...  ...so awesome!  That's when I realized I...