• Boreal


    Value, easy access and family-fun is what Boreal Mountain resort is all about. Located just northwest of Lake Tahoe, the resort’s six lifts service 41 trails. Boreal has made great strides to reduce their overall carbon footprint over the past 10 years in support of Truckee’s Climate Action Plan. Investments in energy efficiency, green building, alternative fuels, renewable energy and waste production have been made. Boreal also creatively and actively supports various community initiatives and non-profits in the snowsports industry. Feel Good Fridays is an annual event that takes place during select Fridays of the ski season. With each $25 lift ticket sold, $5 is donated to a nonprofit. Alpine Initiatives is honored to benefit from the 2017 FGFs.

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  • iF3


    iF3 unites and promotes all aspects of freeskiing, and to honor and celebrate the producers, photographers, athletes and everyone else that contributes to the constant progression of the ski industry.

    Over the years, they've been one of AI's biggest supporters through fundraisers, parties, screenings and generally spreading the stoke of AI. They share our same recognition of the passion and potential of the snowsports community for progressive change and we couldn't be happier to call them our friends. Thank you iF3!

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  • Armada


    In 2002, Armada Skis was born among a family of athletes, artists, designers and engineers who didn’t just push the envelope—they blew it wide open. Armada is no longer a suggestion of what a ski company should be, they are the declaration of what todays top athletes demand. Today, Armada is distributed globally in more than 42 nations and embodies the cutting edge of the sport: athlete driven, design obsessed and technologically superior. 

    Since 2011 we have been lucky enough to partner with Armada Skis and have released three generations of Armada x Alpine Initiative JJ's to date. Our shared values of progression and innovation, while acting as a catalyst of positive, forward thinking change in our respective industries has allowed our partnership to grow and thrive. Armada has committed 100% of the proceeds of every Armada x Alpine Initiatives JJ sold. This is a huge commitment by any standard. Thank you Armada, we wouldn't be here without you!

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  • Oakley


    It is in Oakley’s DNA to identify problems, create solutions and wrap those solutions in art. As a leader in the sport and optical industries, Oakley proactively seeks out select non-profit partnerships that align with their brand and business through which they can leverage all of their assets, including Oakley’s premium products, employee volunteers, athlete ambassadors and monetary contributions to make the most impact. 

    We have teamed with Oakley to develop the Alpine Initiative Crowbar and more recently, the new Alpine Initiatives Canopy. Oakley has committed to donating 10% of all revenue generated from the sale of our collaborative goggle. Oakley’s community outreach program was also the donor of the basketball court at our first project KACH.The Oakley family has been with us since the early days, and we thank them for all that they have done for us. Thank you Oakley!

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  • Smartwool


    SmartWool has brilliantly discovered a way to reinvent Marino wool in a way that puts it not only on par, but above and beyond even the most advanced synthetic fabrics to date. They have an incredibly diverse product line including everything from socks and base layers to outerwear and high performance athletic gear. Their company and its employees embody everything that we stand for at Alpine Initiatives. This is a group that loves to work and play as well as protect and preserve our mountains. 

    Our partnership with SmartWool has been unique to say the least. We have worked together to "up-cycle" over 500 pairs of skis from our local landfill into recycling containers for the city of Steamboat Springs, CO. They have donated a significant amount of product that help to make our "Gear Stash" drops possible. In addition to our hands on and in kind partnership, SmartWool has sponsored multiple Grass Roots Grants as well as made a significant contribution to the Auclair Fund. Thank you SmartWool!
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  • Sherpas Cinema

    Sherpas Cinema

    Youthful creativity and originality meets award-winning experience in the Sherpas’ work. The use of cutting edge filmmaking techniques, inventive animation and graphic design, intimate character development and detailed audio design are coupled with years of multifaceted mountain experience and savvy. The Sherpas’ films have been heralded as the best of their kind and have toured the globe with worldwide accolade winning numerous awards.

    Around the release of "All.I.Can", one of the most groundbreaking ski films to date, Sherpas partnered with Alpine Initiatives to help advance environmental sustainability education in the snowsports community through a symposium in Whistler, BC.  They also donated the rights for a special screening of All.I.Can in Aspen, CO. The crew at Sherpas have selflessly given countless hours of their time to help create video and other multimedia content of the highest quality. They stepped up in a huge way after the passing of our dear friend and founder JP Auclair, to help launch the Auclair Fund and source auction items to raise funds for JP's family. Thank you Sherpas Cinema!

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  • Poorboyz


    Poor Boyz has helped support Alpine Initiatives from the start.  Through donating proceeds from their film tours from Reasons in 2008 and every year since, to donating the premier rights to  their film  "WE: A Collection of Individuals" at the Sheridan Opera House in Telluride, Colorado in 2012.  AI has also been featured in many of their films as a partner and through AI ambassadors such as, JP Auclair and Julien Regnier. Thank you Poor Boyz!

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  • Orage


    Representing today’s modern mountain culture Orage offers three seasons of outerwear, casual wear, layering, base layers and accessories; all designed to keep you warm, dry, comfortable and most importantly, looking like no one else around. Born from a passion for skiing and a love of the mountains, Orage blurs the lines between fashion and function.

    Among the initial funders of Alpine Initiatives, Orage has proven that giving back can be a hell of a good time. Their "10,000 Ways to Help" donation matching program was a huge success raising $10,000 for AI's initial project in Kenya. Since then, they've held various fundraisers and parties at industry events benefiting AI. Thank you Orage!

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