Our start is so cliché, we wanted to do something good, so we did. We went to Africa, we built kitchens and farms to nourish communities.

You see, even though we are explorers and wanderers who cherish the globe, it’s the mountains that we truly love. We had poured our foundation abroad, but it was time for us to return to our roots and build in the mountains.

We had heart and we had desire, we were doing good work. It all seemed so simple, yet we struggled to define ourselves, to find our place. The pillars of our philosophy, “Inspire, Connect, Grow” helped guide us into the unknown.

Simply, we want to inspire humanity to do more to protect the earth. We recognize the desire to authentically connect, not only with nature but also with each other, to strengthen community and sustain healthy environments. We see creativity as the force of innovation and want to stimulate the imagination to grow. A sound foundation and strong philosophy influenced us to keep searching for the platform to hold it all together.

If you don’t know of JP Auclair, our founder, you should know the mountains inspired his being. They brought forth his genius, shaped his humble creativity, invoked his kind spirit, and ultimately took his life.

We gather every year to celebrate JP; the awesome mountains host the experience from which our new platform emerged. The silent power of the mountains is, and has always been, the answer.

So, that’s what we do. We foster authentic mountain experiences that pull you from the familiar to the untamed, a wild and beautiful place that nourish the body and mind.

We build huts, high in the mountains, which celebrate the journey by offering a refuge for the human spirit to truly rest. A gift, for many to experience, that awakens the human knowledge that we belong beautifully to nature.

We guide trips which create the journey by offering a chance to unplug and connect with the natural world. It’s an experience that develops skills to travel safely in the mountains, while providing the support to step outside your comfort zone.

"Unplug; go out in the mountains, cherish the moments and appreciate. Let the soul rejuvenate. It is much needed."