Our ambassadors help us spread the good world, provide us with provoking content, make invaluable connections and fundraise. They're role models in the snowsports community and not only for their skiing and riding; rather for who they are, how they chose to live and their constant belief in doing more to make our snowsports communities and our world a better and brighter place.


  • Michelle Parker

    Based in Squaw Valley, Calif., Michelle Parker started her professional freeskiing career at age 15 and has been an impressive athlete in slopestyle and big mountain events and films ever since.

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  • Sven Kueenle

    German freestyle skier Sven Kueenle is undoubtedly one of the most criminally underrated skiers on the planet. The German star has quietly made explosive flips and huge grabs his domain, something Oakley were quick to notice.

    A native of Stuttgart, Kueenle began skiing at three years-old, and is extremely dedicated to freeskiing, and seems to have boundless energy on the slopes. Kueenle doesn't pop up in many competitions but he has starred in some memorable videos, including the famed “Not Another Ski Movie” by Poor Boyz Productions.

    Kueenle has the skills to go with the humble honesty, and is always smiling on the slopes. The fun-loving German's explosive, all-action style makes him exhilarating to watch and places him among the elite of the Oakley team.

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  • Julien Regnier

    Former leader of the French mogul team, Julien was one of the key visionaries of the evolution of freestyle skiing at the end of the 90’s. After putting an end to his freestyle skiing career following the Nagano Olympics, he was at the forefront of the rebellion against freestyle skiing’s growing conformity, and he actively participated in the emergence of the New School movement. He designed the first twin tip skis for Rossignol, was one of the first Frenchmen to have his own segments in American ski videos, and he was the co-founder of Armada skis. He also designed pro-models, such as the famous JPvJulien ski, with his friend JP Auclair.

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