• The Kiamani Movement

    The Kiamani MVMT (“Movement”) is a group who worked passionately to make JP’s vision a reality: to make lip balm to create a new model of sustainable entrepreneurial activity in rural communities that is fundamentally based in local knowledge and leadership.
  • AI Arrival at KACH

    A quick update from AI member Erik Wardell about his current visit at KACH: "...The kids were quite shy at first, having not seen me in over a year and..."
  • Latest photos from KACH

    When talking about the the Kithoka Amani Community Home (KACH), we sometimes catch ourselves cringing as we use the word "orphanage", feeling like the connotation around the word might not be the most positive, or might simply not do KACH justice. We thought, maybe it should be called a "childrens' home" or "community home" and so on… In the end, we decided it was time to just reclaim the word
  • KACH Update

    The gardens and the kids are thriving at our first project KACH and we are about to embark on the next piece of the sustainability plan there dubbed, The Cottage Project. The Cottage Project will provide housing for the visitors and volunteers at KACH and will generate extra income to help sustain the home. More on that to come soon,...

  • Construction Finished On KACH Dining Hall

    AI recently finished work on the dining hall at KACH. It took us over a year to complete, but when it was all said and done, we are pretty proud of what was accomplished.
  • dining hall progress

    This post needs a summary
  • Summer update from Dr. Karambu

    Alpine Initiatives partner Dr. Karambu Ringera writes us a summer update on KACH, Ethically Engaged Youth, Women Waging Peace...
  • Dining hall progress

    The dining hall is almost complete! we have also built several walls in the landscape so the kids can sit around the new basket ball court! Getting close and all is well!
  • New Benches

    Check out our new benches!!!! Thank you for your continuous support!

  • Kids

    The spark that keeps this project going!!

  • B-Ball!

    Thank you to Oakley the BB court was finished last week! it is impossible to keep the kids off of it they love it so much!

  • Murals

    Today Ceila, Karamana and I added some needed color to KACH's interior and welcomed help when the children returned from school at 4pm. Just a little love and color makes everything a bit brighter !!!!

  • Field Trip

    A day on the road.... we went to a nursery owned by John an amazing horticulturist who has been trying many new varieties from Embu and always improving his plant stock. He fed us yellow and red tree tomatoes and export grade avocados and sent us off with red bananas and purple sweet potatoes. We stopped by our friend Ayub's...

  • 11 Acres

    Monday Kathy, Bernard, Chris and I set off from KACH on foot and after a lovely walk through forests of thitonia and an alley of grevillia trees we came to the 11 acres. I actually looked at this land in 2008 with Karambu and even at that time saw it's huge potential. Currently Karambu is renting it and planted a...

  • Sugar Cane Kids

    A little afternoon sweet snack....I was just sitting in the garden and soon come Clifford, Mercy and Bessy with a bucket and sticks of sugar cane.. sure enough it was devoured in a matter of minutes!

  • KACH Garden!

    WOW! look at this landscape just a few short months and it is totally transformed!

  • Campfire

    The Second night in Meru a special night was arranged with a campfire, stories and a dance from the kids... It felt wonderful to be cozy by the fire and see a dream of true community come true!!!!

  • Dr. K's 2 acres

    Dr. Karambu had acquired these two acres last summer and we laid out a loose farm plan before I left last July which Bernard and Simon implemented. This is what it looks like only 7 months later. It provided a crop of maize and beans and has been planted with fruit trees. The kids each have a Bio intensive plot...

  • Meru bound

    On my way back to Meru! A long flight over from San Francisco to Nairobi.... I met up with Chris Seely with Skansen , IPI's European partner and we took a small 8 seater to Nanyuki and then a short hour drive on to Meru. We spotted mount Kenya, a rare site. We will be climbing it in October for...

  • Thank you Oakley for the basket ball court!!!

    Thank you Oakley!!! for your generous donation to help us fund the construction of 1/2 basket ball court. We are excited with the progress and getting close to completion. I bet the kids can't wait.