• Growing the Power of our Communities

    News of our president-elect and his proposed cabinet have thrown a curveball in our efforts to preserve our environment and reduce climate change. The Clean Power Plan and the Paris Climate Agreement are under threat;, innumerable other regulations could potentially be stripped away. And while there is so much more to say on the topic, I rather turn the spotlight...

  • Is Climate Change Killing Winter Sports?

    There is no such thing as an average winter anymore. Snowpacks are thinner, snow seasons are shorter and weather patterns are unstable. Last december in America, for example, most mountains in the northeast were covered in brown mud and absolutely no snow, whilst in the west, a strong El Niño dropped more snow in a few weeks than in all...

  • Offshore Wind Farms - An Alternative Energy Source

    Originally slated for Montuak or Cape Cod, America’s first offshore wind farm has gone up off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island. In the next few weeks, these five turbines will be placed in service, creating enough electricity to power 17,000 homes. And, they’re our first step toward generating our own offshore wind power. America’s wind farm efforts have...

  • New Initiative - A Boost to Solar

    There’s much to keep an eye on in the realm of solar energy right now – and for those with a stake in the outdoor recreation industry, be it commercial or sentimental, some especially exciting developments are on the forefront. Thanks to a collaboration between multiple U.S. government departments, led by the Obama administration, solar power is about to be...

  • 10 Steps to a More Eco-Friendly Daily Life

    Making your daily life more eco-friendly and sustainable is a big mission, but it does not have to be a burden. There are so many things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment surrounding you. If some steps ask for big sacrifices, others will simply require some basic changes of your lifestyle habits. Be reassured, none of...

  • Honor, Love & Gratitude | We Love You JP

    JP's love of the mountains blossomed into a deep consciousness for the earth and moved him to do his part in preserving her beauty. He was genuine in his encounters with others and deeply appreciated those who helped him along the way, and in doing so touched many during his life.
  • Giving Old Skis New Life

    Its that time of year again when gear fever seems to consume us while we impatiently wait for the snow to cover the ground and the ski lifts to start turning. There’s no question that purchasing new gear gets you fired up, but that sometimes leave us ignorant to the fact that our old skis don’t just disappear into thin air.
  • Celebrate the Planet for Earth Week 2015

    This year for Earth Day, the AI community is feeling celebratory, so we came up with some (fairly easy) ways to celebrate the planet this week!
  • Backyard Backpacking Adventure: Hiking the Colorado Trail

    Spring has arrived and Summer is on its way. It’s time to indulge that Wanderlust and go explore the magic of the Colorado Trail. Shut down your computer, pack your backpack, and get outside!
  • The Microadventure

    Adventure doesn't have to be confined to the weekend. Introducing the microadventure...
  • Veteran Rehabilitation Through Snow Sports

    Adaptive ski and ride programs throughout the country seek to share the benefits of snow sports with our military veterans who have sacrificed so much in the line of duty.
  • Start Planning Your Summer in the Mountains

    Now is the ideal time to plan for summer. A new season entails fresh adventures. This year, step outside your comfort zone and into a different mountain range.
  • 2014 Grass Roots Grants Winners!

    The 2014 Grass Roots Grants voting cycle has come to a close, and we are excited to announce this years $5,000 grant recipients!
  • The Blue Dot Tour

    The Blue Dot Tour aims to bring individuals together in the hopes of promoting the right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat healthy food. It hopes to encourage people to take action to create and lobby for healthier communities, cities, provinces and a healthier nation as a whole.
  • Books To Inspire

    As ski season is about to be upon us, grab one of these books to amp yourself up for the slopes and perhaps also inspire a little positive change in the process: "Just Don't Fall" by Josh Sundquest; "DEEP" by Porter Fox; "A Bird of Passage" by Otto Lang; and "Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die" by Chris Santella.
  • An Interview With Photographer Zoya Lynch

    Photographer Zoya Lynch provides inspiration through a combination of art, outdoor adventure and the natural beauty represented in her images. Her photography is simultaneously meditative and exciting, leaving the viewer seeking their next adventure toward a sense of unity with the natural world.
  • Travel Sustainably at Eco-Friendly Lodges

    A simple way in which we can travel more sustainably and continue to enjoy the mountains is by taking some time pre-trip to research and reserve a spot at one of the growing number of eco-friendly lodges worldwide. Check out our list of recommended lodges to jumpstart your eco-traveling!
  • Do What You Love: Inspiration From Slomo

    Slomo has truly figured out what it means to be a meaningful participant in this world. The formula? Do what you love. Since figuring this out, Slomo has given up his medical career and has been spending his time rollerskating in slow motion down the San Diego boardwalk, all for the bigger purpose to simply enjoy life.
  • The Armada Limited Edition AI JJs: Get Em While You Still Can!

    There are only six pairs of the 175s left so invest now for next season – invest in your own skiing and also invest in forwarding sustainable efforts originating from the snow sports community as a whole. The best part about the AI JJs – 100% of the proceeds from your purchase go directly to Alpine Initiatives.
  • Never Too Young to Evoke Change - Youth Sustainability Initiatives

    Sometimes I think that my time to “change the world” will come when I am older. But when will I be old enough to be older? And what actions of mine are great enough to evoke change? This blog is a humbling reminder that we are never too young, too small, too naïve, too weak to make a difference.