• Offshore Wind Farms - An Alternative Energy Source

    Originally slated for Montuak or Cape Cod, America’s first offshore wind farm has gone up off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island. In the next few weeks, these five turbines will be placed in service, creating enough electricity to power 17,000 homes. And, they’re our first step toward generating our own offshore wind power. America’s wind farm efforts have...

  • New Initiative - A Boost to Solar

    There’s much to keep an eye on in the realm of solar energy right now – and for those with a stake in the outdoor recreation industry, be it commercial or sentimental, some especially exciting developments are on the forefront. Thanks to a collaboration between multiple U.S. government departments, led by the Obama administration, solar power is about to be...

  • A Quality Product with a Sustainable Mindset

    In the heart of the San Juan Mountains lies the small town of Pagosa Springs, CO. Once a small community, known as a place to gas up after trekking over Wolf Creek Pass, it is now a fast growing community that has much more to offer. Within 30 minutes of town, Wolf Creek Ski Area is one of the premiere...

  • The Armada AI JJ Evolution

    The qualities of the AI JJ have come to represent the qualities that JP was known for. So, when you’re ripping big lines, or jibbing around your local resort, you’ll be embracing the legacy of JP Auclair with every turn.
  • Giving Old Skis New Life

    Its that time of year again when gear fever seems to consume us while we impatiently wait for the snow to cover the ground and the ski lifts to start turning. There’s no question that purchasing new gear gets you fired up, but that sometimes leave us ignorant to the fact that our old skis don’t just disappear into thin air.
  • Backyard Backpacking Adventure: Hiking the Colorado Trail

    Spring has arrived and Summer is on its way. It’s time to indulge that Wanderlust and go explore the magic of the Colorado Trail. Shut down your computer, pack your backpack, and get outside!
  • The Microadventure

    Adventure doesn't have to be confined to the weekend. Introducing the microadventure...
  • Veteran Rehabilitation Through Snow Sports

    Adaptive ski and ride programs throughout the country seek to share the benefits of snow sports with our military veterans who have sacrificed so much in the line of duty.
  • You Are What You Eat

    Who doesn’t love the convenience of a granola bar for an on-the-hill snack? But like with most of what we eat, it can be a struggle to ensure our food is not only just good for our bodies, but also good for the environment.
  • Travel Sustainably at Eco-Friendly Lodges

    A simple way in which we can travel more sustainably and continue to enjoy the mountains is by taking some time pre-trip to research and reserve a spot at one of the growing number of eco-friendly lodges worldwide. Check out our list of recommended lodges to jumpstart your eco-traveling!
  • Never Too Young to Evoke Change - Youth Sustainability Initiatives

    Sometimes I think that my time to “change the world” will come when I am older. But when will I be old enough to be older? And what actions of mine are great enough to evoke change? This blog is a humbling reminder that we are never too young, too small, too naïve, too weak to make a difference.
  • It Takes a Community

    A focus on some amazing grassroots environmental initiatives taking place in mountain communities around the world.
  • Project Pressure

    Art meets science, meets outdoors; An open source project documenting the world’s vanishing glaciers in order to highlight the impact of climate change. We love this project!
  • T.A.L. -Hot In My Backyard

    What's happened to the global warming dialogue? Have we hear all the arguments? People happy where they stand? Last week, This American Life explored tried to find out why the this issue has been stalled. Rest assured, this program does not mention solar panels, polar bears or Greenland.
  • 2012 Holiday Gift Recommendations

    We all know holiday shopping can be frustrating. In an attempt to make your holiday shopping season a bit more tolerable, and a bit more responsible, we have put together this list to help you outfit your outdoorsy loved one with environmentally and socially conscious gifts from socks to skis!
  • Alison Gannett

    With three non-profits, two for profits, a 75 acre farm and a professional skiing career, Alison Gannett has a lot on her plate. Although, as a warrior for climate change, there is not much Alison sees as impossible.
  • The Ukrainian Freeriders

    Alpine Initiatives has been working hard over the past several years to develop an international network of friends and supporters. When we got wind of what some of these friends in the Ukraine recently undertook, we decided we had to share it.
  • AI x IF3 Launch Party

    What better way to usher in this coming winter than with the latest ski films and a little philanthropy?
  • Beyond Boarding; "Spreading Happiness"

    "The inspiration for this project was to take the happiness we got from snowboarding and channelling it into humanitarian work…" Lear about Beyond Boarding's mission and current projects
  • The FullCircle Project

    We are innately drawn to the mountains as skiers and riders. With a mentality similar to ours at Alpine Initiatives, Matt Philippi, Aidan Haley, Jack Tolan, Taylor Felton, Caleb Braley, Dan Marion, and Michael Brown, co-founders and members of the FullCircle Project team followed their love for the mountains and professional skiing careers to South America.