• Is Climate Change Killing Winter Sports?

    There is no such thing as an average winter anymore. Snowpacks are thinner, snow seasons are shorter and weather patterns are unstable. Last december in America, for example, most mountains in the northeast were covered in brown mud and absolutely no snow, whilst in the west, a strong El Niño dropped more snow in a few weeks than in all...

  • The Armada AI JJ Evolution

    The qualities of the AI JJ have come to represent the qualities that JP was known for. So, when you’re ripping big lines, or jibbing around your local resort, you’ll be embracing the legacy of JP Auclair with every turn.
  • Throwback: JP's Very Own Salomon Teneighty Ski

    This week, in honor of the first annual JP memorial competition, we are celebrating JP and how he pioneered the free ski industry by auctioning off his very own original Salomon Teneighty setup for your chance to have a piece of skiing history. All proceeds from the auction will go toward the Auclair Fund in support of JP’s family.
  • Backyard Backpacking Adventure: Hiking the Colorado Trail

    Spring has arrived and Summer is on its way. It’s time to indulge that Wanderlust and go explore the magic of the Colorado Trail. Shut down your computer, pack your backpack, and get outside!
  • The Greater Impact of the California Drought

    The ski industry in California is being hit hard by climate change and the impact of the California drought has led to early ski hill closures across the state. This lack of snow poses a very real threat off the mountain, to California’s overall water supply and economic livelihood. We must act now!
  • Start Planning Your Summer in the Mountains

    Now is the ideal time to plan for summer. A new season entails fresh adventures. This year, step outside your comfort zone and into a different mountain range.
  • Introducing the Newest Limited Edition AI JJ 2.0

    AI would like to present the newest version of the AI limited edition JJ, the AI JJ 2.0! They are a tribute to the legend and our best yet!
  • Mountains Are Awesome! December 2014

    The newest Mountains Are Awesome! series by local artist, Johannah K Hall, truly inspires and encourages in-the-moment appreciation and reflection of the experiences we often take for granted on the mountain.
  • Books To Inspire

    As ski season is about to be upon us, grab one of these books to amp yourself up for the slopes and perhaps also inspire a little positive change in the process: "Just Don't Fall" by Josh Sundquest; "DEEP" by Porter Fox; "A Bird of Passage" by Otto Lang; and "Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die" by Chris Santella.
  • The Fight To Save Snow

    Because of climate change, the future of skiing could be very much in trouble come thirty or fifty years from now and, as soon as that may seem to us now, the fact of the matter is that the ski industry is in trouble and has been for years already.
  • Travel Sustainably at Eco-Friendly Lodges

    A simple way in which we can travel more sustainably and continue to enjoy the mountains is by taking some time pre-trip to research and reserve a spot at one of the growing number of eco-friendly lodges worldwide. Check out our list of recommended lodges to jumpstart your eco-traveling!
  • Designing the Spearhead Hut Project

    The Spearhead traverse is a spectacular mountain route that connects the Whistler and Blackcomb backcountry through the Spearhead and Fitzsimmons ranges in Garibaldi Provincial Park. The Spearhead Huts Project, an initiative to build three new alpine huts along the Spearhead range that would offer a hut-to-hut traverse experience for numerous backcountry user groups, is underway.
  • The Armada Limited Edition AI JJs: Get Em While You Still Can!

    There are only six pairs of the 175s left so invest now for next season – invest in your own skiing and also invest in forwarding sustainable efforts originating from the snow sports community as a whole. The best part about the AI JJs – 100% of the proceeds from your purchase go directly to Alpine Initiatives.
  • Telluride Mountainfilm: An Inspiring Event Not To Be Missed

    Telluride Mountainfilm is a truly inspiring event. The festival shows a film each night on a giant screen in Telluride’s town park. Bring a camp chair, some blankets, and a couple beers and join the fun!
  • Safely Exploring the Backcountry

    The backcountry will call your name. If you are a skier, there comes an inevitable point in your life when the lifts in the resort just aren’t doing it for you and the untouched snow on the peaks in the distance becomes impossible to resist. When this time arrives, the question that every skier must ask himself or herself is, “Is living the dream worth risking it all?”
  • Landfill to Ski Hill

    We all know the mantra Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reclaim and as hard as we try to live by these values in our everyday lives, we can’t ignore the fact that humans have a long history of consumption and waste production. One of the most common reminders of human waste are the many landfills that dot our landscapes. Although landfills...

  • It Takes a Community

    A focus on some amazing grassroots environmental initiatives taking place in mountain communities around the world.
  • Mountains Are Awesome! - July 2013

    You might already be familiar with this young graphic designer's work. At age 22, Kilian Amendola's artwork has already had a considerable presence in the ski world...
  • Mountains Are Awesome! - June 2013

    When a series of Oliver Binnian’s drawing were featured on 'It's Nice That', his work was described as "following a strong line of concept driven process that is remarkably communicative". This month, we want to share his 'Mountain Cubism' series with you...
  • Mountains Are Awesome! - May 2013

    In Ania's own words: "The main theme of my work is portraiture, often hiding self portraits within other subject matter. My work is often an attempt to draw the viewer in, allowing them to make their own conclusions from the themes I use and the contexts in which I place them. The current focus of my work is the respond if the human body to the space surrounding it. It is my wish that...